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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Freeday: Poetry Time

(Pretty personal when you get right down to it, but inspiration is inspiration.)

I Want...

You know what I want?
I want to feel love
Not "feel loved" or "make love"
I want to feel LOVE.

There has to be more
Than the ache of empty
The echo of hollow shell
The dark endless hallway

I want that look in the eye
That touch of the hand
The heart, the beat, the song
To end all songs

I want that rhythm
The one that never,
(No matter how hard you want it to)
That never, ever stops

That pulse that syncs
That embrace that doesn't weaken
Where is that hand that
Reaches only for me?

Are you there, God?
It's me, Deborah.
The tree is still standing,
But its branches are crying

I can't always breathe
On my own, by myself
Waiting, waiting, waiting
For whoever has my CO2

Wanting that ache to subside
To be with that perfect fit
To know my better half won't just
"Complete me" but make me twice as great

I don't want to be selfish
But I want to be spoiled
And lavished and understood
In a language only known to one other

I want to be carried away
Without getting carried away
Grounded into the sky and fall
Hopelessly, helplessly, but rationally

I want that love to manifest
So I can reach out, so
It can be felt by my hand, so
The aching can be beaten, defeated, overcome

"To want" means "to lack,"
And frankly, I'm tired of lacking
The most basic of human desires
And that might make me basic

But I want to feel love
My mind is overdosing on wasted
And my heart is drunk on lonely
I want love

(I'm pretty sure this isn't finished, but that's where I stopped.)

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