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I'm Deborah. I'm a writer, currently seeking representation/publication for my YA Fantasy Fractured Princess

I love to play Final Fantasy games and Shattered Pixel Dungeon. I also enjoy the many ins and outs of music (I'm a chorus geek).

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Express Yourself: Favorite EYM

Welcome back to Express Yourself! This bloghop was created by Dani @ Entertaining Interests and Jackie @ Bouquet of Books. This is the last one of the year, so a big thank you to these ladies for coming up with so many questions for us!

This week, they ask what our favorite question was from the series this year.

(Side note: I've FAILED all my goals from the new year except for seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Now I'm mad at myself.)

Let's see, my posts about Firefly or Final Fantasy...Decisions, decisions...Just kidding. lol I will have to say the 3rd week of August question: what we would bring back with us if we could go back in time.

Time travel is such an interesting concept, and it's one I actually use in my fantasy story. There's also the question of would things change, or would things still turn out the way they did. I always love those "What-If" episodes of tv shows. According to Friends & Grey's Anatomy, some things are meant to be. According to Futurama, you could turn out to be your own grandpa. hahaha

Have a Happy New Year!


  1. It's ok, I'm pretty sure I've failed ALL of my goals from this year. Hopefully next year will be more productive. Happy New Year!


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