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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Words: A Handful of Dust

Good morning!

Welcome back to Wednesday Words, where I use to share with you a piece of what I am currently reading!

Sometime today I will be starting Mindy McGinnis's A Handful of Dust, the sequel to Not A Drop to Drink, which was a very exciting thriller of a book, so I can't wait to dive into the next part (though I'm at work, so I have to).

There are 374 pages in my Kindle edition somehow (this must be because I have an old Kindle. It said there were 10 less pages in the last book I read), so Random has 142.

Oh great, I don't have to calculate that as a location! Thanks, Mindy! lol

There are approximately 20 lines on page 142, so Random has chosen........................line 3.

The steady clip-clop of their hooves hypnotized Lucy in the heat of the afternoons, causing her thoughts to stray.

I personally love that sound.

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