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I'm Deborah. I'm a writer, currently seeking representation/publication for my YA Fantasy Fractured Princess

I love to play Final Fantasy games and Shattered Pixel Dungeon. I also enjoy the many ins and outs of music (I'm a chorus geek).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Express Yourself Weekly: "I'm an expert!"

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

But it's also Tuesday, so it's time for...

This hop was created by Dani @ Entertaining Interests and Jackie @ Bouquet of Books. You can join in on the weekly fun questions through their blogs.

This week they say: Everyone has at least one subject matter they are self-acclaimed experts in (Ex: pop culture, monsters, robots, etc). What is yours?

As most of you all know, I proclaim myself an expert of all things Final Fantasy! Unfortunately, I'm aware that that's not true, as I haven't been able to play all of the games yet. But I'm an expert at the ones that I say matter. lol FF6 through XIII, I am quite knowledgeable about, but I know the most about 7 through X-2.

My nephew-cousin (no hillbilly happenings; his mom is my cousin, and we are like sisters. lol) would have you believe I'm an expert in all things WWE, and I regret daily introducing him to it, because he's OBSESSED.


  1. Well, there are worse things to be obsessed over.
    Guess I'd claim to be an expert on movie and music trivia.

  2. Sounds like fun things to be knowledgeable about! I'm a complete dunce when it comes to both of those, though. LOL.

  3. I've only played one Final Fantasy game - I think it's VII - the one where you play as Vincent Valentine. So I am not even remotely being an expert in that :)



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