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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Words: Seed to Harvest

Good morning!

Welcome to Wednesday Words, where I share with you all a piece of what I am reading this week using I've also decided to start adding the actual cover on this day. I think it helps with visuals. :)

Yesterday, I (sort of) began Octavia Butler's Wild Seed, the first novel in the collection Seed to Harvest. I'm only a couple of pages in, but it looks to be about two immortals. Immortals are always intriguing. :)

There are 253 pages in Wild Seed, so using Random to pick a page, it has 111.

There are about 29 lines on that page, so Random, do you stuff..................line 4. It's an answer to a question, so I'll add that, too.

"I will obey," she muttered, then faced him defiantly. "When will I have my own house? My own cooking fire?"

"When you've learned what to do with them."


What are you reading this week?


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