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Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Freeday: Liebster Award

Happy Friday!

I hardly look at my Twitter (oops), but when I did last week, I noticed I was given the Liebster Award by Sarah Foster at The Faux Fountain Pen!

Thank you, Sarah! Now, what do I do? lol

The Rules:
  • Post 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers who have less than 200 followers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
  • Provide 11 questions for those bloggers to answer.
All right, here goes nothing!

11 Facts:
1. I'm left-handed.
2. I have random red strands of hair in my head (does that up my chances of having red-headed children? I hope so).
3. I love Vanessa Carlton.
4. I'm a singer/songwriter.
5. I pretend to know how to play the piano.
6. I'm a certified Zumba instructor.
7. I love cats but am allergic to them.
8. My favorite color is pink (though you must know that).
9. I don't finish a lot of things I start.
10. I daydream a lot.
11. I almost never finish lists with set numbers (yay!).

Sarah's Questions:
1. If you could dress up as anyone/anything for Halloween, what would it be? I actually don't care for dressing up on Halloween anymore, but I did go to The Greene Turtle as Olivia Pope this year. lol

2. If you could only write one genre of books for the rest of your life, what would it be? I think for the rest of my life...fantasy was my instinctive answer. I love contemporary short stories, and that's what I spent my teen years doing, but fantasy is a better escape plan.

3. Where were you when you were struck with the idea for your current WIP? Did something trigger the idea or did you pull it out of thin air? It literally came to me in a dream. It's no longer my first scene, but I had the most vivid dream, and I wrote it down as the beginning of my story...way back in Draft 1, 10 years ago.

4. Who is your celebrity crush? I'm in love with WWE's Sheamus. I'm not joking.

5. What literary character would you want to be best friends with? BONUS: Which one of YOUR characters would you want to be best friends with? Describe him or her. Maybe Beatrix from Transparent. I'm a sucker for people who immediately adopt you into their families. Bonus answer: Andyrsn is probably the one who would be my best friend. He's witty, kind-hearted, and he loves to take care of his nieces.

6. You have to pull off a huge heist (such as robbing a casino like in Ocean's Eleven). Who do you want on your team? You can pick people you know, celebrities, or any fictional characters (but no magical powers!). Definitely my sister. She has a poker face and will probably be able to do all the lying haha. 

7. What is your least favorite household chore? I hate cleaning period. I try my best to maintain.

8. Has there ever been a book/movie/TV show that made you sob uncontrollably? Just one? The Notebook; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...And Spring; The Best Man Holiday

9. Has one of your favorite books ever been made into a movie and you hated it? If not, did you love it? Why? Everyone raves about A Clockwork Orange, and the movie is HORRIBLE. They changed so much from the book!

10. How do you take your coffee? Do you like flavored coffee? (Or what is your favorite tea if you’re a tea person?) I take it with cream, preferably flavored cream. I love flavored coffee.

11. What would your demise be that gets you kicked out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? (You can pick one from the book/movies or come up with your own!) Screw that, I'm getting out like Charlie. lol I want to win!

Oh God, now I have to come up with questions.

1. If you met your favorite author and could only say the first thought that came to your mind, what would that be?
2. Throw up a number on your fingers. What is it?
3. What is your favorite book of all time and why?
4. Who is your favorite musical artist, and don't be ashamed.
5. What was your dream school growing up? Did you go, or did your dreams change?
6. If you couldn't be a writer, what would you do? (Die is an acceptable answer.)
7. What do you like doing better: writing or editing?
8. What's your favorite "guilty" pleasure?
9. Besides writing, because sometimes it IS the stressor, what activity helps you feel the most at peace and helps you relieve your stress?
10. Look to your LEFT! What's there? 
11. What or who is your spirit animal?

Finding 11 others who have less than 200 people will be a matter of finding them, so I'm going to look through my subscribers and the IWSG list to find some who've never been nominated and (if I forget to do it before this auto-posts) nominate them in a new post.

Thanks again SO much, Sarah! <3


Sarah Foster said...

I love Vanessa Carlton, too! And I just loved reading all your answers to my questions. #11 was the best. :)

Jackie said...

Yay for red-headed children! Two of my four have red hair. :)
I wish we lived closer. I want to learn Zumba, but it looks so daunting to me! LOL

Vanessa Morgan said...

Congratulations on your award.

Anonymous said...

Lucky. lol

Aww, the trick is finding a good instructor. Those (at least here) are kind of hard to come by. There are a lot of Youtube videos, too, if you want to try at home. :)

J Lenni Dorner said...

Congrats on the award!
Yup, for #6, die sounds like the best answer.